oh my buddha!

Hello everybody! i am in siam reap cambodia for a few more hours having seen the truly incredible angkor wat but ill write about it later because i don’t have much time.

I think i wrote a bit about ko tao on the last one but i cant be bothered to read back my own jibberish. I also have no sense of time so i arrived on ko tao an amount of days ago and set about getting my open water ssi diving lisence thing. its not really a lisence as all these companies just say you need it to get your money but its still a good introduction. the first few days were piddling about due to two useless women in our group who saw the whole thing as a chore. on the final day we went down to 18 meters twice. it was fucking awesome! we saw so much coral and there were fish everywhere. loads of eels angel fish and nemos. after that dive i want to do more and more it was such an awesome experience. The whole time spent on the island was brilliant drinking at the local bar with all the instructors (some of whom arrived 14 years ago and never left!). Its easy to see why people stay so long and thats why i decided to pack up and leave because a few days more and i may never have left it was that beautiful a place! The locals were lovely as well which made the trip so worthwhile.

After a days relaxation i headed back to bangkok by bus and managed to arrive 15  minutes into the arsenal barcelona game and watched that with a few people into the early hours on kho san road. at around 7.30 a woman who worked at the travel agents in the bar i was drinking at came up to me and asked if i wanted a ticket to siam reap (cambodia) having overhead me saying i wanted to go. 20 mins later i was on my way. Ive met some awesome people in the last few days even if it was just over a beer. i dont have any more time to talk about them so ill do it next time. im off for some bbq steak in the streets of siam reap before i head south to sihanouk ville tonight.

cheers for reading (i promise ill make the next one a bit more amusing!)


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