peace up ko tao down

hello everybody and welcome to the second installment of my thrilling blog of asia. So i think i ended the last one talking about the trip to the tiger sanctuary. basically its got even better since then. on the last day in Bangkok i went to the two main temples: the reclining Buddah and the temple of the emerald buddah in the royal grounds. both you can’t really put into words. The reclining buddah was like nothing ive ever seen, it was the length of half a football pitch and the height of a two story building. Made out of mother of pearl and painted in gold it really was stunning. The temple of the emerald buddah was just as good if not better. The grounds are litteredĀ  with beautiful buildings painted with gold and flowery patterns built by kings who wanted to outdo there predecessors. Then you walk into the grand temple and immediately you feel completely peaceful and all the grandeur becomes insignificant. I’m not a religious person as many of you know but sitting in that temple it was hard not to feel spiritual when amongst the tourists to see locals meditating in front of a pure emerald buddah sitting atop a mountain of golden ornaments. After the mentalness of Kho San Road it was great to be in such a peaceful place and made the lack of sleep bangkok gave me completely worth it.

that night Abi, Mike and myself got on a bus to the island of Ko Tao. On the journey i got talking to a couple from Belgium who told me stories of Lao and i’ve now decided i have to go there. Anyway we arrived on ko tao after a beautiful ferry ride across the sea. Having watched the sunrise we got a few beers and sat at the front of the boat with some other travelers. Truly the best ferry ride in the world as you arrive into this beautiful island. I’m booked into a diving school on the quiet part of the island (just what was needed after Bangkok) and today (the 11th) we started diving. I’ve already seen a stingray! we got down to about 8 meters and by the end we will be going down to around 20 meters. The beach we are on is where the sunsets and i really haven’t seen many better. The people here are so friendly and kind and really mix well with the travelers. Anyway yer im bored of this and its taken me bloody ages to write because this internet connection is so gash. hope your all good and jealous of me.


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