ping pongs just the start!

Hello people that are sad, bored, interested, not travelling… I’m writing this in my hostel on Kho San Road, Bangkok (a little further north of the pointer on the map) and its mental. The road is mental, Bangkok is mental, Thailand is mental! they even have Tescos here for christs sake. and boots. but boots is quite handy. Anyway i arrived yesterday at around 6pm local time so thats around 9am UK after a decent flight into Bangkok. Made decent only by an old german called Fred who took it upon himself to provide me with plenty of whisky. To steal a famous comics quote ‘el whisky coke did flow’. Naturally i barely slept and havent had much since tbh. The heat here is insane its bloody humid as! Anyway met a couple, Abby and Mike, pretty much off the bus to Kho San Road. We set about exploring the streets around us and ended up going to a ‘Ping Pong’ show straight off the bat. An interesting experience but on the whole it was pretty nasty to be honest. Very very seedy with old men dissappearing to the toilets for what must have been a very long shit or something rather more sinister. It beggers belief how anyone could have found it erotic but obviously there was something in it.

After one hours sleep Abby, Mike and I went on a day tour we had booked the night before thinking it was around Bangkok. An hour and a halfs drive and Bangkok was long gone we realised we were on a bit of a mission. But it was an awesome day starting with a paddle boat trip around a beautiful floating market and ending in a tiger sanctuary, via the bridge over the river quai. I can’t be bothered to type much more so basically tonight is my last night in Bangkok (its not really worth being here for more than a few days unless your a sadistic nutter or you decide to spend shitloads of money to go travelling to just get obliterated all the time). Tomorrow i’m taking a night bus down to some town i can get a ferry from to the island Ko Tao. Look it up, its sick. Anyway im off out to get obliterated with an few Irish i met on the day trip. bye bitches


ps pics soon. if you care.

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