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More cambodia and some lao lao

I think i left the last blog with me arriving in phnom penh, a perfectly normal name for a city if your cambodian pippa you massive douche. anyway i got there pretty late in the evening around 8 or 9 … Continue reading

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cambodia 1

no witty titles this time if you would call the last two witty. i wouldn’t. anyway im writing today from the lakeside in phnom penh, my new favourite city. ive had two and a bit weeks here and its been … Continue reading

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oh my buddha!

Hello everybody! i am in siam reap cambodia for a few more hours having seen the truly incredible angkor wat but ill write about it later because i don’t have much time. I think i wrote a bit about ko … Continue reading

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peace up ko tao down

hello everybody and welcome to the second installment of my thrilling blog of asia. So i think i ended the last one talking about the trip to the tiger sanctuary. basically its got even better since then. on the last … Continue reading

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ping pongs just the start!

Hello people that are sad, bored, interested, not travelling… I’m writing this in my hostel on Kho San Road, Bangkok (a little further north of the pointer on the map) and its mental. The road is mental, Bangkok is mental, … Continue reading

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